wooden fiber acoustic panels

wooden fiber acoustic panels : Designer acoustic panels in interior acoustics made out of wood fiber offer an effective, permanent and good performance acoustic solution for any kind of activity like Auditorium, Theater, Stadium, Meeting halls, Offices, Schools etc. that produces undesirable noise levels within an enclosed space.

ECOTONE – wood wool acoustic wall tiles are without fabric laminated wood fiber acoustic tiles and sound absorbing acoustical wall panels are abuse-resistant and are able to withstand repeated impact, yet are lightweight. WF Wall Panels are easy to install in new construction and in existing buildings for effective sound control.

ECOTONE WFF wall tiles are 20 mm thick covered with acoustically transparent fabric on the front side with an option of colors can be fix on wall with backing of 50 mm backing of 48Kg/m3 density rockwool, as per the choice of the Architect/ person in charge of size 1200X600 or 595 X 595 mm Highly recommend for Walls has excellent noise absorption 20mm NRC 0.9 as per ISO: 354-1985 and ASTM 423-90 a, Density 400-450 Kg/ m3, meets stringent Fire Ratings ASTM D- 876, weather resistance as per IS 3308, Thermal Insulation as per IS:3346-1980 with relative humidity of 90% RH at 60o Celsius(140o Fahrenheit) for 15 days= No deterioration. tested as per EN 131682001 .Can be provided in various colors subject to approval of architect/client as per his specific requirement and finish.

Sizes600x1200MM, 595x 595MM
Thickness20 MM
Edge ProfileNormal, H Groove
NRC Values125250500100020004000
Fire RatingASTMD-876(Self Extinguishing)
Mass Per Unit Area7
Thermal Insulation Value45 w/m2/k
Bending Strength0.9 N/mm2
Compressive Strength0.20 N/mm2
Moisture ResistantWater/Environmental test/at 60*c with 90% RH No. deterioration test
Shades / Colors40 Acoustical shades