Acoustic Wall Panels By Ecotone

Placing acoustic wall panels on walls and on ceilings is the best way to eliminate echo, and reverberation in any room and reduce overall ambient noise. Common sound issues are mainly due to reflected sound waves from the walls. Therefore, strategically placing acoustic wall panels at their known reflection points will effectively clean the sound in the room. Nevertheless, the correct volume will eliminate all echo and noise issues. With over 100 colors to choose from and virtually unlimited possibilities with our full-color graphic image printing, your acoustic treatment will not only take care of your sound issues but add extra flair and style to your space decor.

These acoustic wall panels are often used in spaces where noise levels need to be controlled, such as recording studios, home theaters, conference rooms, and classrooms. They can also be used in open office environments to reduce noise levels and create a more comfortable working environment.

When installed correctly, acoustic wall panels can improve the overall acoustic quality of a room and make it more pleasant to be in. They are an effective way to create a more peaceful and productive space.

Groove Wooden Slats

The grooved wooden slats have high-density prelaminated MDF boards confirming IS–14587: 1998. Application: Auditorium, Cinema Hall, Theaters, Music Hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Library, Multi-function Hall, Hotel, Museum, Meeting rooms, Conference Hall, Business office, and other public places.

Fiberglass Wall Panels

The main construction of these Fiberglass acoustic wall panels is the dimly stabilized glass fiberboard laminated with a molded glass fiber, all covered with a specially crafted fiberglass mat. Acoustic wall panel board is certified on average with at least 35% recycled glass, 9% post-consumer, and 26% pre-consumer materials.

Perforated Wooden Panels

Ecotone perforated Wooden Acoustic Panels are high-performance acoustic products with an exceptional visual appearance. Acoustic wood panels or sound slats come in a variety of configurations to meet all internal and acoustic requirements, providing sound reflection and absorption through grooves and vents.

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