Acoustic Foam Panels

Ecotone Manufacturer and Supplier of Acoustic Fabric Foam Panels, Sound Absorbing Foam Panel, like PU Foam, Pyramid foam Wedge Foam At affordable Price and Widest Range of Sound Proof Insulation Acoustic Materials And Acoustical Products in India.

Ecotone Acoustic Fabric Foam Panels are processed using High GSM Non- Woven Fire Retardant Fabric having ability to sustain temperature range of -40 Degree Celsius to 160 Degree Celsius for up to 2 hours laminated through high-quality glue to flexible foam at the front side. The foam used is Acoustic Open Cell Foam having Fire Retardant properties and passing UL-94 FR standards. At the Back Side, this foam is laminated through glue with Release paper making it a ready to use product offering high acoustic properties.

Panel Configuration:-
Front Side: Non-Woven FR Fabric
Middle Padding: Fire Retardant Foam
Back Side: Adhesion through a Self Release Paper

Other Specification and Options:-
Thickness Options: Ranging from 10 mm to 100 mm as per specific customer and end application requirement.
NRC Value: 0.90
Fabric Color Options: Any Required.
Back Side Adhesion: Optional

Consider Best For Acoustic in Auditoriums, Movie Theaters, Classrooms, Banquet halls, Recording Rooms and Places where Eco Solutions are required.