Fabric Acoustic Panels | Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

Fabric acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels wrapped in fabric materials. They consist of an internal core made of sound-absorbing materials such as mineral wool or fiberglass. The core is then covered with an acoustically transparent fabric that allows sound waves to pass through and be absorbed by the core material. The fabric covering provides both functional and aesthetic value to the panels.

ECOTONE Fabric-wrapped Acoustic Panels or fabric acoustic panels are fabric-laminated acoustical wall panels that provide excellent sound and noise control where it’s needed the most. Intentionally engineered to offer pleasing design along with unmatched acoustic benefits, with uncompromising aesthetics. The wall panels provide exceptional acoustic performance NRC 1 tested for normal incidence sound absorption coefficient as per ASTM E 1050 / ISO 10534-2.

These tiles are lightweight and can be fix directly on walls, easy to integrate with existing design plans. The wall panels are Impact resistant and rigid; the panels are designed to resist reactivity to seasonal changes in temperature or humidity, making them ideal for use in any interior space.

ECOTONE™fabric-wrapped acoustic panels wall panels are available in different sizes and colors to match with the interior OR in different color shades to make wall multi-color patterns and are intended to pair seamlessly with your existing or planned designs. These panels are an efficient, durable, cost–effective solution for reducing excessive reverberation in large spaces.

Ecotone Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of these beautiful handmade fabric acoustic panels that are available in various standard colors with fiberglass ceiling tiles with unlimited options for custom designer fabrics. Ecotone Acoustics custom makes these in any size and number along with any shape detail to your home theater needs.


Features :-

Our Fabric Acoustic Panels Have

1.0 /NRC Value
  • Class A Fire Retardant
  • Fully recycled
  • Humidity of 90%RH

Technical Information Of Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

When sound waves interact with fabric acoustic panels, the porous core material converts sound energy into heat through friction, effectively reducing the intensity of sound waves. This process, known as sound absorption, helps in controlling echoes and reverberations within a space. By strategically placing fabric acoustic panels on walls and fabric acoustic ceilings, sound reflections can be minimized, resulting in improved sound clarity and intelligibility.

Ecotone Acoustics, fabric acoustic panels wall paneling with square edges made of fiberglass substrate 25mm thick and wrapped on the front side with an acoustically transparent and fire-resistant fabric with an option of colors as per the choice of the Architect/Acoustic consultant of size 1200x600mm providing a minimum sound absorption level of 0.90 NRC. Installation of Acoustic Fabric Panels on wall screws the Impellers and use construction adhesive. Before fixing maintain the line and level of the panel. Then the Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panel shall be fixed over impellers/spikes. Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Panel fixing as per the instructions laid down by the manufacturer.  All makes and models of all items/samples should be approved by the consultant prior to the installation.

FAQs| Fabric Acoustic Panels

How effective are fabric acoustic panels in reducing noise levels?

A. Grooved wooden slats are wooden panels or boards with parallel grooves cut into their surface. These grooves enhance the aesthetic appeal of the slats while also providing functional benefits such as improved acoustic performance and increased flexibility for installation.

Can fabric acoustic panels be customized to match existing interior design elements?

A. Yes, fabric acoustic panels offer a wide range of customization options. From fabric choices and colors to personalized graphics and artwork, these panels can be tailored to complement any interior design.

How do fabric acoustic panels compare to other acoustic solutions, such as foam panels?

A. Fabric acoustic panels and foam panels both serve the purpose of improving sound quality, but they differ in terms of aesthetics and performance. Fabric acoustic panels offer a wider range of design options and are often preferred for spaces where visual appeal is important.

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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Ecotone's Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels, and I must say, they exceeded my expectations in every way! These panels are an absolute game-changer when it comes to creating a harmonious acoustic environment.

Karan Kumar

The moment I received the panels, I was struck by their exceptional craftsmanship. The attention to detail and the quality of the materials used were evident from the get-go. The fabric wrapping on the panels not only added a touch of elegance but also showcased the commitment of Ecotone towards providing both functionality and aesthetics.

Sanjay Rana

I was delighted to learn that Ecotone's Fabric-Wrapped Acoustic Panels are eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials. As someone who values environmentally responsible products, this was a significant factor in my decision to choose Ecotone. Their commitment to sustainability while delivering exceptional performance is truly commendable.

Nisha Agrawal


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