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Ecotone Systems – Sliding partition manufacturer in India. We provide the best quality arrangement of sliding partition. The partition panels are suspended from the ceiling and also have a track that helps in dividing the area of a room. This is very helpful for utilizing the space in an effective manner. Sliding Partition can be used for functions like weddings, conferencing, meetings simultaneously in a single big hall.

The sliding partition is also known as an acoustic sliding folding partition or Movable Wall. All these types of partitions are acoustically treated and provide an aesthetic look to a room. These also look very elegant for interior purposes. Ecotone Systems is committed to making your area most comfortable. These sliding partition exactly fit your requirement.

The sliding partition is supported from the top with a track which helps in easy sliding of panels, These are manually operated panels stacked in an area nominated in the plans. When the sliding partition is closed it acts as a wall and provide a complete noise transfer from one side to another. and there is no need of using the track on the floor. The tracks on which partition panels slides are made from extruded anodized aluminum.

The sliding partition can be used in hotels, Multi-functions halls, Meeting Room, Convention Center, Residential area, College and School, Banquet hall, Training rooms, etc. The sliding partition provided by us is made up of the best quality raw material and have have 1 hr fire rated properties and most importantly that is very cost-effective.

Sometimes due to lack of space and facility, it becomes necessary to have a viable solution through which one is able to sense out the great results. With the help of our latest methodologies and tools, we create partitions such that the noises should not collapse or overlap each other. Quite an easy and effective facility that will help you enjoy the benefits with great technology.

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Ecotone Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of next-generation Acoustics products and provide customized acoustical solutions like auditoriums acoustic, classroom acoustics. We have wide range of acoustical products like ceiling acoustic panels, acoustic wall panels, hanging baffles/clouds, acoustic door, sliding partition for commercial places like Auditoriums, Gymnasium hall, Studio, Multi-purpose halls, Malls and Multiplexes.

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