Acoustic Hanging Clouds - Acoustic Ceiling Clouds


ECOTONEAcoustic Hanging Clouds, Acoustic Ceiling Clouds  are best suited for noise and reverberation control in large spaces with high ceilings. These acoustical clouds are designed to reduce echo in areas such as Auditorium, Lecture Theater, gymnasiums, multi-purpose rooms, and other high ceiling spaces. They can be suspended from the ceiling / truss as vertical baffles or horizontal clouds.

Ecotone Ceiling Sound Cloud is an effective, economical acoustic treatment that suspends the ceiling to enhance speech sensitivity and sound clarity. Our acoustic baffle / cloud is an excellent choice for use in places that are large, have limited wall space or require materials unattended. As the product is installed horizontally, both sides have exposure to sound. With the increase in surface area, its ability to reduce recombination has increased.

We build our roof sound using fiberglass, polypads, acoustic foam, wood and recycled cotton core mattery

Acoustic Hanging cloud, Acoustic Ceiling Clouds  and Acoustical Clouds are often used where a hard reflective ceiling is exposed, but pipes and duct work on the ceiling do not leave enough room for direct ceiling attachment.  The Clouds can be suspended via S-hooks or cable below the pipes and duct work.

Additional design elements can be added to a room by making the hanging clouds in a non-standard shape, or by hanging them at angles other than parallel to the ceiling.

Open plane office areas and call centers are ideal spaces that can be benefited from Acoustical clouds. The acoustic ceiling clouds helps to reduce the sound travel from one end to other end reducing disturbance to individuals at the other end.

A sound solution option with a unique appearance is Ecotone – Acoustic Ceiling Clouds. These popular acoustic ceiling clouds have a curved accent which gives reducing noise and reverberation a chic look. Available in numerous colors and made from fire-rated melamine foam, Ecotone Ceiling Clouds add dimension and style to every room. Suspend a single cloud or group them in creative bunches. Mount the clouds either flush to the ceiling or float them for drama, either way these clouds make a statement.


  • Class “A” Fire Rated
  • Light weight / Easy to Hang
  • Green Building Product
  • Options of Various Colors
  • Options of radius, mitered, and beveled edges
  • NRC values tested as per IS:8225/ISO:354 / ASTM 423C


  • Sizes:Standard sizes or custom sizes up to 1200mm x 2400mm
  • Thickness: 25 / 50 mm
  • Finish:Acoustically Transparent Fabric
  • Color:Various Colors to match with interiors
  • Weight :- Light weight , 40 Kg/m3 density
  • Edge Detail: Options for Square, Bevel or Radius Edge
  • Fire Rating:Class A
  • NRC: – 25 mm 0.80 & 50 mm 1.0 NRC
Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
1″ 0.18 0.65 1.0 1.02 0.99 0.91 0.80
2″ 0.63 1.14 1.22 0.99 0.97 0.92 1.00
Option Details
Edge Type Natural / Hardened
Edge Style Acoustic Hanging Clouds
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