Acoustic Sliding folding Partition

Leading manufacturer of Movable Wall Partitions, Acoustic Sliding Folding Partitions, Collapsible Partitions, Movable Walls, Room Divider Partitions into which they are inserted. Ecotone sound-isolating sliding partitions are made up of several different elements. Movable wall partitions flow along a horizontal guide attached to the ceiling which is assembled according to our trademark design. Our No Floor Track Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition System is simple, fast, and secure. The advantage of an ECOTONE™ sound-insulated Acoustic sliding folding partition & movable wall partition is its less storage space when stored.

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition is a range of custom manufactured hinged panel walls. The system can be floor supported with a slimline floor track, thus eliminating the need for significant structure at the head, or can be hung on top where support is available.

These wall systems can be single parting and stacked at one end, or bi-parting and stacked at both ends. Pass doors can be included and glazed options are available. Sound ratings of up to Rw50dB can be achieved and with Class 1 and Class 0 SSF (Surface Spread of Flame).

Panels can be quickly opened and closed in position and offer a wide range of finishes including magnetic dry-wipe, raw MDF, plain and wood grain laminate, and polished veneer. We would be happy to discuss your detailed requirements.

How the ECOTONE™ Sound Proof Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition works

We offer high-quality Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Installations for the industry and commercial customers alike. Our Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition helps to instantly transform the layout and design of a space with great flexibility and design ideas.

We have a wide range of acoustic products available that come in various shapes and sizes. We provide straight sliding doors for glossy office partitions, acoustic wall panels that fit seamlessly into any environment and make the space look aesthetically good and also help to reduce the echo and noise level in the room Huh.

Our products are not only made of high-quality products, but are also very long-lasting, and we truly believe that the service you receive should be equally impressive, so the installation will be done by the team Ecotone. If you need Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition, please feel free to contact our experts.

The best part about our acoustic sliding folding partition is that it is completely customized and can be installed at any time, which means that noise pollution can be reduced immediately. It’s also helpful for providing privacy during critical moments, and it’s also good for a little rare peace!

Sliding panels are designed in tongue-and-groove mode and its surface finish can be made from precise mica/laminated boards, wood veneers, fabrics, etc. specified by the customers. The movable wall partitions are also equipped with vertical and horizontal outer frames fabricated by aluminum profiles. Movable wall partitions have retractable mechanisms to manually move the top and bottom seals, operated by handles inserted in a panel style. Turning the handle 45 degrees will simultaneously expand or retract the top and bottom seals.

The sound insulation effect can reach 55dB.

Ecotone movable wall partition with an aluminum frame have the widest application. The partition is constructed by a set of flat panels, ranging in width from 800 mm to 1200 mm. The panel is flexible with various specifications and features to meet most of the design and budget requirements. Its thickness can be 85mm or 100mm.

Each model comes with single or double sliding trolleys according to different grades of sound insulation as well as height and panel stacking system on site.

Point of note                                                       

  • Top hang only, no floor track/guide
  • Per our trademark design, the wall panel is of double skin construction, with a solid exterior aluminum frame fitted with our heavy-duty rubber gaskets on all four sides.
  • Panel faces are not attached to the frame via rigid contact and so when sound waves are impacted on one side of the panel, the vibration will not transfer directly to the opposite panel face.
  • The aluminum frame of the partition wall is either concealed ( TYPE – 90 ) or exposed ( TYPE -100 ) to create a flat and smooth edge
  • We can achieve sound isolation of about 55 dBA STC depending on site conditions.
  • Our heavy-duty seals can adjust to an uneven floor, allowing for better isolation in existing constructions.

Range of Movable Wall / Sliding Partition

Product Selection

Panel Thickness 100mm 85 mm
Panel suspension Top hung only Top hung only
Track system Single Point or Twin Point Single or Twin Point
Max  height Up to 7.0 Meter Up to 7.0 Meter
Panel width 800-1200mm 800-1200mm
Frame construction Aluminum Aluminum
Face material 12 mm 12/16 mm
Finish Raw MDF, Mica Laminate Raw MDF , Mica Laminate , Fabric
Finish Look , closing Position Exposed Aluminum frame                                  on all 4 sides Concealed Aluminum frame
Vertical profiles Aluminum anodized, Powder Coated with sealing profiles Aluminum anodized                                        with sealing profiles, Painted (optional)
Retractable seals Aluminum, double rubber seals at top and bottom Aluminum, double rubber seals at top and bottom
Operation of seals Manual, with supplied operating handle Manual, with supplied operating handle
Sound insulation Upto 55 dBA Upto 45 dBA
Weight Approx 35 – 38 kg/Sqm Approx 35-38 kg/Sqm

Our trademark trolley system enables high flexibility, enabling different types of stacking.

ECOTONE™ Movable Wall Partitions are available in a variety of decorative finishes. Panel surface will be as per the customer’s requirement which is MDF, MICA laminate, and FABRIC, either in the factory or on-site by others.



Track & Trolley

Each panel will be suspended on our trademark trolley system with maintenance-free multiple ball bearings. The individual element is adjustable in height without opening the ceiling.

Retractable Pressure Seals

The panel, once deployed, will realize a sealing effect using retractable pressure seals. Seals can be easily controlled or locked through a simple on-site operation. Users can turn the waist-high operating handle to remove the pressure seal. The handle controls the top and bottom seals simultaneously. It is important that sound isolating pressure seals can be mounted properly. Our heavy-duty rubber seals will be used around our operating wall system. Retractable drop-down seal 20mm.

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