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Ecotone Systems Manufacturer of Acoustic hanging Baffles, Hanging Sound Baffles, Ceiling Sound Baffles Manufacturer – Acoustic Sound Baffles, Acoustic Baffles Ceiling, Sound Baffle Panels, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels in India With the advent of technology, There have been many new innovative techniques to control sound and noise which can cause havoc in the minds of people. Commercial places such as canteens, sports stadiums, industrial venues, malls. Auditoriums etc. where it is necessary to obtain control of sound and a modulation is required to avoid any type of noise transmission.

We offer a wide variety of high performance acoustic hanging Baffles in various sizes, shapes. Acoustic baffle is very useful for many different types of area i.e. industrial shop floor, canteen, meeting room food processing area, indoor stadium. Sound Baffle combines performance with high NRC ratings and the importance of money to solve the most demanding of noise reduction problems.

These days Acoustic Hanging Baffles, as well as Acoustic Hanging Clouds, are much more practiced for better noise reduction, so that there are no further disturbances in the ears of the individuals around them. Ceiling sound baffles are another method that is applied to the roof and minimizes recombination as it can be applied to the roof. In Ecotone you can find various types and types of sound baffle coverings, which have applications for both indoor and outdoor spaces. With beautiful colors and a myriad of fabrics, the roof-mounted acoustic buffers are great for the A1’s exterior sheeted industrial use. It is available in a variety of colors with a hanging system fitted for vertical suspension and suspended on the roof in both horizontal as well as vertical ways. The best thing about sealing sound baffles in Ecotone is that they are light in weight and will not carry any extra weight on the roof as well as the roof.

Features and Specifications of the Acoustic Hanging Baffles

  • Light and medium weight
  • High performance with quality sound absorption
  • Smarter installation with sound modulation
  • 100% customer satisfaction with a proven track record
  • Suitable for large noise locations requiring a complete noise control inverter to provide you complete satisfaction.


  • Brass Grommets- The material used to prepare Baffles is made of brass and is very light in weight.
  • Adjustable Cable- There is an adjustable cable on the roof through acoustic assembling. This provides you with a complete amount of flexibility as well as ensuring that you are able to hang which is full of cable hanging kits.
  • Vinyl Casing– The products are well crafted through vinyl casing which will help you to provide better type of fabric. This will ensure that you get the best experience that will provide you with different types of noise control.

    Features and Specifications of the Acoustic Baffles Ceiling

    The Acoustic baffles ceiling introduces a design element unique to any space and Acoustic baffles ceiling is a great addition whether it is installed throughout the room or just serves as an accent. Both style and spacing are customizable and the system can also be installed on vertical or curved surfaces. The Acoustic baffles ceiling can be easily installed and uninstalled for accessibility.

    Acoustic baffles ceiling has great potential in performance and design for high sound absorption. Shining like a star with the ability to the provide high quality sound absorption, Acoustic baffles ceiling is a part of the metal ceiling system that has the attraction of enhancing the appearance of the room.

    Being easily accessible and having great potential in execution and design, Acoustic baffles ceiling is a true choice for an excellent sound control system. Acoustic baffles ceiling has managed to establish a special place in the acoustic market, keeping an edge over other counterparts to deliver high absorption systems. Acoustic baffles ceiling carrier and suspension system provide an excellent support for efficient functioning. Efficiency powers its applicability for corporate offices, transport classes retail locations.

    Features and Benefits

    • An open Ceiling design with bolts on the panels provides a Unique seamless look for any indoor space
    • It can be installed on curved and vertical surfaces
    • Panel spacing and ends can be tailored to the ceiling and wall curvature
    • The bolt bracket safely holds the panels in place and can be easily removed.


    • A wide range of colors and wood tones to achieve a customized effect
    • Individually Replacement Panel


    Importance Major for controlling high volume levels, baffle sealing has been made functional with extensive support to its advanced specifications.

    • Thickness: 0.50 mm and 0.60 mm
    • Finish: color coated steel and powder coated and pre coated aluminum and powder coated