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Who We Are

Ecotone™ Systems design and manufacturing Company has been market leader in Movable wall Partition , Acoustic Sliding Partition , Acoustics and Green Building Products. We design, manufacture and test performance of our noise control / acoustic products for a wide variety of applications and delivering the solutions to our customers need, where they need them and we “Ecotone™ Systems” is a leading professional Acoustic Treatment & design services provider in India with acoustical expert consultants advice on lowest cost.

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Our Products


Movable Wall Partitions

We are leading Sliding folding partition Manufacturer, Sliding Partition,Operable walls, Movable walls, Collapsible / Accordion Partition Sliding walls, and Room Divider Partition thickness 90mm, 100mm, acoustic rating from 44dB–55dB..Read More »
ceiling acoustics tiles from ecotone acoustic pvt.ltd

Wooden Acoustic Panels

Ecotone Systems manufacturer perforated/ Groove Wooden Slats have longitudinal grooves and slats, Grooved acoustic panel machined along the length of the panel. The base core board is an 16mm thick Fiberboard sheet with a finish laminated to its front face and black acoustic felt adhered to its rear face.
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acoustic panels - Ecotone

Fabric Acoustic Panels

“ECOTONE™ Fabric wrapped Acoustic Panles” or wall panels are fabric laminated acoustical wall panels that provide excellent sound and noise control along with unmatched acoustic benefits, with uncompromised aesthetics. acoustic performance NRC1.0 sound absorption coefficient as per ASTM E 1050 / ISO 10534-2.Read More »
ceiling acoustic tiles

Ceiling Acoustic Tiles

Ceiling Acoustic Tiles, Acoustical Wall Panels and Acoustic Tiles Manufacturers / Soundproof Acoustical Ceiling Tiles suppliers in India – Wall Paneling Systems with Excellent Sound Attenuation Provide NRC is 0.95. fabric laminated in various colors, shape and size.Read More »
acoustic hanging Baffle

Acoustic Hanging Baffles

Acoustic hanging baffles Manufacturer – Hanging Sound Baffles, Acoustic Sound Baffles, Sound Baffle Panels, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels in India. in Different Sizes, Shape. Sound Baffles Combine Performance with High NRC Ratings. Highly Effective Acoustic Baffles To Absorb Acoustic Noise.Read More »
Acoustic Hanging Clouds

Acoustic Hanging Clouds

Leading Acoustic hanging Clouds Manufacturer – Hanging Acoustic Panels, Hanging Clouds Baffles, Suspended ceiling clouds/ Panels, Sound absorbing clouds in India. They can be suspended from the ceiling / truss as vertical baffles or horizontal clouds. NRC values tested as per IS:8225/ISO:354 / ASTM 423CRead More »

Acoustic Doors and Fire Doors

The wooden acoustic door will be with door frame and shutter, Single / Double leaf also having STC – 35 to 50 STC. Wooden Acoustic Doors : – 55mm to 72mm thick sandwich type composite sound reducing flush door shutters. The combined assembly set of door frame and door shuttersRead More »
acoustic board from ecotone acoustics

Acoustic Boards

“ECOTONE™ Echo Stop” wall panels are fabric laminated acoustical wall panels that provide excellent sound and noise control where it’s needed the most. The wall panels provide exceptional acoustic performance NRC1.0 tested for normal incidence sound absorption coefficient as per ASTM E 1050 / ISO 10534-2. These panels are an efficient, durable, cost –effective solution for reducing excessive reverberation in large spaces.Read More »
acouistic wedge faom

Acoustic Foam

ECOTONE™ provides superior quality high sound absorption polyurethane foam (PU Foam) weakens the sound waves hitting it and minimizes the transmission of noise having NRC (Noise Reduction Co-efficient) value of 0.8. This acoustic absorption foam is known for their fire retardant and sound absorption characteristics.Read More »

Our Projects

With over 2000 successful acoustical projects in power generation, oil and gas, manufacturing and processing, food and petrochemical industries, engine testing and others, ESPL continues to grow within the domestic and offshore market places.

Projects Executed

Western Pacific Conference on Acoustics (WESPAC-2018)

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Client Testimonials

“Ecotone EchoStop was the product I always wanted. The Echo Absorbing tiles not only had great acoustic rating, but also had a perfect Yatchy Style! It is a perfect combination of performance as well as aesthetics”

Mr. Sandeep Bakshi


“The results of acoustic treatment done by Ecotone are amazing. We have been trying to solve the noise problem from the past two years with various products. Ecotone Systems provided the best solutions which was really effective – Technically as well as commercially”

Mr. Prashant


“The acoustic sliding partitions along with the kind of quality Ecotone provides ! I think it’s a steal. Plus, if you are ever in a pinch, the Ecotone Team is quick to answer and provides great feedback and support to the customers.”

Ar. Amit Dubey

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