Micro Perforated Wooden Ceiling Panels

Micro Perforated Wooden Ceiling Panels 

At Ecotone Systems, we manufacture and offer considered best for ceiling acoustic globally. Ultra Micro-perforated panel have regular very thin holes enabling it to be a quality acoustic product. Micro-perforated MDF board not only has good sound absorbing effect but also looks great visually. Compared to bigger holes wooden perforated panel, ultra micro hole acoustic panel is harder to make and is better at absorbing low frequencies sound.

The surface of the panel is drilled with numerous tiny micro perforations which can provide excellent acoustical performance. The panels are designed to trap the noise and reduce the reverberation time in the room. With 0.5 mm micro-perforation, the perforation is practically not visible, keeping the finish completed. The hole dimensions can be 8-8-0.5 mm according to different types, the distance and distribution of the holes will be different, each square meter can approximately have up to 140,000 holes.


  • Perforation: 0.5mm-0.8mm dia
  • Color: Any required
  • NRC Value: Up to 0.9
  • Backing Material: MDF, Ply, Fire Rated Ply, UPVC Board
  • Back Finish: Black Acoustic Felt
  • Standard Size: 600 * 600, 600 * 1200, 600*2440 mm, etc.
  • Standard Thickness: 12


Restaurants, Pro Audio/Studios, Home Theaters, Ceilings, Walls, Hallways, Public Spaces, Offices, Airports, Concert, Night Clubs, Practice Rooms, Swimming Pools, Cafeterias, Shopping Malls, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Hospitals, Lobbies, Department Stores, Exhibition Spaces, Train Stations.

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