Room Dividers Partitions

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We are Leading Room Dividers Partitions manufacturers – Separators / Space Wall Divider Partitions. Sliding Folding Walls, Acoustic Movable wall in RAW MDF / MICA / Fabric laminated. Type 90 series is the highest specification range of fully operable, individual-panel movable partitions system. No Aluminum color on exposed panel surface. High Acoustic insulation of up to 55dB(A) noise reduction with a combination of operable top and bottom seals, filled with high performance acoustic insulation multiple infill’s and a panel assembly design that allows an acoustic break between the frame and outer layer.


Panel Thickness 90 mm
Panel suspension Top hung only
Track system Single or Twin Point
Max height Up to 7.0 Meter
Panel width 800-1200mm
Frame construction Aluminum
Face material 12/16 mm
Finish Raw MDF , Mica Laminate , Fabric
Finish Look , closing Position Concealed Aluminum frame
Vertical profiles Aluminum natural anodized with sealing profiles, Painted (optional)
Retractable seals Aluminum, double rubber seals at top and bottom
Operation of seals Manual, with supplied operating handle
Sound insulation Upto 55 dBA
Weight Approx 35-38 kg/Sqm



The operable wall 90 series is used wherever space needs to be fully utilised. Banquet Hall, Hotels, conference halls , Lecture theater , offices, training institute etc. can all benefit from the flexibility of Dividers operable walls.


The Movable wall internal built is consisting of Retractable Mechanism to move Top and Bottom Seal Manually Operated by a Handle inserted in the Panel Stile. Unique aluminium overhead track system (no need for floor guide). Telescopic end panels enable the wall to be locked off to complete the acoustic seal.

Each panel will have top and bottom Rubber Retractable seal with Concave / Convex Vertical Interlocking profiles. Vinyl Seal of Butane Rubber will be used at top and bottom and as well as Closure Seals for the Operable wall system. Retractable seal drop will be 20 mm.

Key Features

  • Individual panels that can be stored away for maximum space utilization as per architectural plans
  • Operable top and bottom seals and vertically Concave / Convex type joint to enhanced acoustics
  • Isolated aluminium frame construction
  • High performance acoustic insulation infill’s for maximum sound attenuation up to 55 dB
  • Panel stacking options for complete flexibility
  • No floor track ensuring obstruction free threshold , Only top hang
  • Various range of surface finishes can be applied i.e. Mica laminate , fabric etc.