Wooden Acoustic Panels | Perforated wooden slats

Wooden acoustic panels are specialized panels made from high-quality wood that are used to enhance sound quality in different environments. They are designed to absorb sound energy and reduce the reflections that cause unwanted echo and reverberation. These panels are widely used in both residential and commercial settings to improve the acoustic properties of a room while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Ecotone Acoustics manufacturer uses aesthetically wood grooves, sound slats, and perforated panels for acoustic treatment for wooden acoustic panel systems or sound slats walls and ceilings. Ecotone Wooden Acoustic Panels are high-performance acoustic products with an exceptional visual appearance. Acoustic wood panels or sound slats come in a variety of configurations to meet all internal and acoustic requirements, providing sound reflection and absorption through grooves and vents. Acoustic insulation pads can be used to increase NRC values according to the design of the acoustic consultant.

How do wooden acoustic panels enhance sound quality? These panels work by absorbing sound waves and preventing them from bouncing back off hard surfaces. The perforations or grooves on the panels allow sound energy to enter and get trapped within the panel, reducing sound reflections. This absorption helps to eliminate echoes, control reverberation, and improve speech intelligibility.

The system uses acoustic panels to confirm high-density MDF pre-laminate boards IS-14587: 1998, all joints of wooden acoustic panels have dowel connections to avoid any sag/unevenness. This ensures consistent quality for each panel for each project. The reverse side of each panel receives a layer of black acoustic fleets and GI sheet ‘Z’ clamps 25/50 mm to create an air gap between the wall and the acoustic panel, which is required as acoustic. Can be filled with polyester fiber/glass wool pad design.

ECOTONE – Perforated wooden slats combine the best of aesthetics and sound absorption. We can provide perforations/slots based on your style/design needs. Perforated wood paneling offers a rustic look to almost all building structures, such as auditoriums, offices, gymnasiums, and concert halls. Wooden perforated ceiling panels control sound reverberation and improve sound quality.

Features :-

Our Wooden Acoustic Panels Have

0.9/NRC Value
  • Fire Resistant – Class 1
  • Pre-laminate MDF
  • Light reflectance – 75%
  • Sound Absorption Up to 0.75

Wooden Acoustic Panels Customized Solutions

Wooden Acoustic Panels are available in different perforation patterns but we also offer designs as per clients/architect choice to give a different office look which will be different from that of a music hall. Wooden perforated tile control reverberations and give a very good aesthetic look.

Our Perforated panels offer absorption spanning a variety of sound frequencies. M and T perforation panels effectively absorb frequencies in the low, medium, and high ranges.

perforated wooden slatsACOUSTIC BOARD-Model - Ecotone

Technical Properties

ThicknessEdgeSizesSound AbsorptionDensityClimate (RH)WeightLight Reflection
10 / 12 mmRectangular600 x 600Upto 0.75750 Kg/m37011.6 Kg/m274%

Sound Absorption Values

Low Frequency
High Frequency

Wooden acoustic panels offer a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, improving sound quality while enhancing the visual appeal of any space. With their ability to absorb sound energy, control echoes, and reduce reverberation, these panels create an environment conducive to better communication, learning, and enjoyment. Wooden acoustic panels have become an indispensable element for achieving optimal acoustic conditions.

FAQs| Wooden Acoustic Panels

Are wooden acoustic panels only suitable for large rooms or venues?

A. Wooden acoustic panels can be beneficial in spaces of any size, from small rooms to large venues. Their effectiveness depends on the specific requirements and acoustics of the area in question.

Can wooden acoustic panels be painted or stained to match the interior design?

A. The Composite Acoustic Panels should be fixed on GI ‘Z’ clamps made of 1mm thick GI sheet, measuring 30mm x 30mm collar and 50mm high, to match the installed GI frame. The panels are backed with black acoustic fleece and installed on a ‘U’ channel grid made of 0.5mm thick GI sheet, measuring 50mm x 32mm. The grid is fixed to the wall using stainless steel screws, and the cavity of the grid is filled with tissue fiber paper laminated Rockwool with a density of 60kg/cum.

Can the edges of the Composite Acoustic Panels be customized?

A. Yes, the edges of the Composite Acoustic Panels can be tapered cut by a special purpose machine to produce a ‘V’ joint at all four ends, providing a customized look. However, it is important to ensure that the choice of edge customization is approved by the engineer-in-charge or consultant before installation.

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Ecotone's perforated wooden slats are straight-up awesome! I've been hunting for something to jazz up my boring office cubicle, and these slats did the trick. They're like a breath of fresh air in the concrete jungle. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the slats are lightweight yet sturdy. The way they filter the light creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for staying focused and productive. Now, my colleagues are begging me to spill the beans on where I got them. Ecotone, you've won a customer for life!

Pooja Shah

Wow, I stumbled upon Ecotone's perforated wooden slats and they completely transformed my space! The quality is outstanding, and the natural grain of the wood adds a touch of elegance. Installation was a breeze, thanks to the detailed instructions. I'm beyond impressed with how these slats provide privacy while still allowing light to filter through. They've given my home a cozy and contemporary vibe. Highly recommended!

Aman Khanna

Ecotone's perforated wooden slats are beyond words. Seriously, they're a total vibe. The slats are like these magical curtains that dance with the light, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The attention to detail is insane. They're like pieces of art, you know? And the installation? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. My space went from basic to boujee real quick. If you're all about that aesthetics game, these slats are a must-have. Ecotone, you're the real MVP!

Vikram Joshi


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