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We offer acoustic and fireproof melamine foam in any required size and shape, according to specific architectural requirements. The open-cell surface of melamine foam guarantees that sound waves are not reflected as an echo but can penetrate the cell structure unhindered. This reduces sound energy within the cell structure, resulting in excellent sound absorption capacity.

These foams are made from melamine resin and possess excellent sound absorption properties, low weight, high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, and low flammability.

We offer these foams in sheet or cylinder form, in any required size and shape, with different hanging and assembly patterns.

Features :-

Our Melamine Sponge Have

1 NRC Value
  • Effective Sound Absorption
  • Customizability
  • Easy Installation


 Ecotone melamine foam acoustic panels can absorb the sound waves within the frequency range from 20Hz to 200Hz Sound.

 Muffling coefficient: NRC=0.95 based on the standard of ISO 354:2003.

 Melamine foam sound absorption performance is much higher than other traditional materials. The muffling coefficient NRC=0.95, the ordinary sponge muffling coefficient NRC is 0.8 around. So Ecotone melamine foam is more than most traditional soudproof materials.

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