Melamine fabric foam panels

Melamine foam acoustic foams panels, Melamine foam Sheets by Ecotone

We offer Acoustic, Fire Proof Melamine foam Fabric Panels processed using High GSM Non-woven fire retardant fabric having ability to sustain temperature range of -40 Degree Celsius to 160 Degree Celsius for up to 2 hours laminated through high- quality glue to fireproof, highly acoustic melamine foam at the front side. At the back side, these foam is laminated through glue with release paper making it a ready to use product offering high acoustic and thermal properties.

These foams are made from melamine resin, therefore, have excellent sound absorption properties, a low weight, high-temperature resistance, thermal insulation, and low flammability.
We offer these panels in 25mm, 50 mm, 75 mm & 100 mm as per specific customer requirement.Melamine Foam

Foam Specification:

  • Density: 9.5 ± 1.5 kg /m³ (ISO 845)
  • Fire Rating: B1 Class 1 per ASTM E84
  • Built Certificate: P-NDS04-2291
  • Thermal Conductivity: <0.035 W/mk
  • Air Flow Resistance: 8 to 20 kNs/m4
  • Acoustic absorption (50 mm thick; 2000 Hz) > 90%
  • Vapor Permeability: 1 to 2.
  • Corner Burn Test: UL 1715
  • NRC Value: 1

Advantages of using Ecotone Echo Resistant Foam Cylinders

  • Have High NRC Value
  • Have High NRC Value
  • Carry High Thermal Conductivity properties
  • Carry High Acoustic Properties

Other Specification

  • Size: As per requirement
  • Colour: White, Grey or Any required against high quantity
  • Supply Ability: No supply constraint.


Room Acoustic, Auditorium Acoustic, Marriage Hall Acoustic, Convention Center Acoustic, Industrial Acoustic, Studio Rooms, Restaurants, Marriage Halls.

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