Grooved Wooden Slats

Grooved Wooden Slats | Grooved Acoustic Wall Panels

We Ecotone Systems are the manufacturer of Grooved Wooden Slats/Sound Slates. Our grooved acoustic wall panels are used for providing an aesthetically pleasing look to the space. Grooved wooden slats and perforated panels are used for acoustic treatment to the wall and ceiling. Ecotone Grooved acoustic wall panels are high-performance acoustical products with an exceptional visual appearance. Sound Slat comes in a variety of configurations to meet all interior and acoustical requirements and for controlling sound reflection and absorption of echo through grooves and perforations. Acoustic insulation pads can be use to increase NRC values as per Acoustic Consultant’s design

The grooved wooden slats have high-density prelaminated MDF boards confirming to IS–14587: 1998, , all joints of wooden acoustic panel have dowel connection to avoid any sagging /unevenness . This insures consistent quality for each panel on every project. The Back side of each panel having a layer of black color acoustic fleeces and sound slats fixed on GI sheet ‘Z” clamps 25 / 50mm to create an air gap in between the wall and acoustic panels which can be filled with Polyester fiber / Rock wool pads if required as per acoustic designs.


  • Ecotone Systems (GroovPhonic™) Grooved Wooden Slats are made out of Pre laminated 16 mm Thick high-density MDF Board of density 700-750Kg/m3, acoustic panel size will be : 575mm x 2420 mm, Groove Size 3.2mm at an interval of 28 mm c/c as per acoustic design / Architects approval, The grooved acoustic wall panels to be backed with black acoustic fleece. All joints of the sound slats should have dowel connection to avoid any sagging /unevenness. All grooved wooden slats should be fixed on GI ‘Z’ clamp made out of 0.75 mm thick GI sheet of size 30 mm x 30 mm collar and  50 mm high to match with the installed GI frame. Prelaminated Grooved acoustic panel is available in desired shade as per Engineer In-charge / Architect’s approval. Sound Slats can be filled with 50mm thick compressed Rockwool tile (UL certified fire retardant) of 60kg/m3 confirming to IS8183 as an infill to achieve the 1.0 NRC value. Panels are tested and confirming NRC 1.0 as per IS:8225/ISO: 354/ASTM 423C, Test report form OEM to be submitted. All makes and models of all items/samples should be approved by the engineer-in-charge/consultant prior to the installation. 
  • Patterns: 14 / 2 , 14/3.2 , 28 / 2 , 28/3.2 mm
Grooved Wooden Slate
grooved acoustic wall panels -grooved wooden slats

Technical Properties

ThicknessEdgeSizesSound AbsorptionDensityClimate (RH)WeightLight Reflection
16 mmDowel Connections575X2420NRC Value 1.0700-750 Kg/m37011.60 Kg/m275%

Applications of Grooved Acoustic Wall Panels

Auditorium, Cinema hall, Theaters, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Library, Multi-function Hall, Hotel, Museum, Meeting rooms, Conference Hall, Business office and other public places.

Ecotone Wooden Slats
Ecotone Wooden Slats
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