Glass Sliding Partition

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The choice of glass in the work space environment is becoming more prevalent and Ecotone has developed two specific movable glass partitioning systems to satisfy this requirement. Both systems are manufactured under exacting quality controlled conditions in our manufacturing facility and provide flexible, high quality products, which are both aesthetically and technically proficient.

Ecotone System is a single glazed Movable Glass Partition which is constructed principally of individual full-height glass sections contained by full width top and bottom aluminum profiles. Each basic panel is fixed in position by a concealed spring-loaded floor bolt, which provides a smooth exterior surface area and also, releases automatically when the panels are being stacked away. Used extensively in the retail, transportation and commercial office sectors, Ecotone can provide a flexible glass partitioning solution, where rapid and regular opening and closing of work space is a key requirement.

Ecotone System has a fully operable movable glass wall, based on the traditional movable wall systems. With retractable top and bottom acoustic seals, Ecotone utilizes two layers of toughened safety glass as the outer faces of the panel with the operating mechanism concealed behind a back painted frame, providing maximum vision with the advantage of a fully operable arrangement. With acoustic attenuation values estimated at up to 46 dB, Ecotone system is a popular choice of specifiers and interior designers in the commercial office workspace environment.

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