Fiberglass Panels | Mineral fiber acoustic panel

When it comes to acoustic solutions, fiberglass panels, and mineral fiber acoustic panels have gained significant popularity. These panels offer excellent sound absorption properties and are widely used in various settings, including offices, educational institutions, theaters, and recording studios.

Fiberglass panels are made from reinforced glass fibers and are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. They are commonly used in construction and are particularly effective in improving sound control and reducing noise levels in indoor environments. These panels are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, allowing for customization to fit specific requirements.

Fiberglass panels and mineral fiber acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels placed on walls or ceilings called as Fiberglass ceiling tiles to control sound and reduce noise, eliminating slap echo and controlling comb filtering. The objective is to enhance sound quality by improving the sound quality with sound-absorbing panels. Often used for recording studio acoustics, church acoustics, restaurant acoustics, and listening room treatments, acoustic panels are intended to reduce, but not eliminate, the echo within the room as perforated wooden ceiling panels. Acoustic panels differ from bass traps in that they behave more in the middle and at higher frequencies in a place. Sound absorption is different from soundproofing, commonly used to keep sound from escaping from the room.

The main construction of these Fiberglass Panels is the dimly stabilized glass fiberboard laminated with a molded glass fiber, all covered with a specially crafted fiberglass mat. The edges are protected with hardened resin.

Acoustic wall panel board is certified on average with at least 35% recycled glass, 9% post-consumer, and 26% pre-consumer materials.

Fiberglass Panels and Mineral fiber acoustic panel: 25 mm thick acoustic wall panel Boards planned and made by ECOTONE™ consolidate acoustic solace with ageless style. Characterized shapes and select hues are mixed into a symphonious piece. The segments of the boards are equivalent for all models. The high-thickness fiberglass substrate gives profoundly successful, sway-safe acoustic materials at the center of the boards. The board’s texture outside is exceptional and fireproof.

Features :-

Our Mineral Fiber Acoustic Pane Have

1.0 /NRC Value
  • High thickness fiberglass fleece
  • Fire‐resistant base board Class A
  • Different plans and shades of texture accessible
  • No Sagging/Warping

Installation Process Of Fiberglass Panels

The Installation of ecotone fiberglass panels and mineral fiber acoustic panels products are beyond the simple and cheap do-it-yourself panels found on the market today. We start with only the highest quality materials that will not sag or leak over time; then, we build each acoustic panel by hand. Unlike other companies that use inexpensive advertising inexpensive materials, Ecotone crafts our acoustic panels and high-quality absorption boards such as Bass Trap, sound-absorbing panels such as fabrics, and hardwood plywood for home or commercial applications are ideal. We begin with absorbent insulation material intended for the room’s acoustics and meticulously selected hardwood plywood to build our frame.

The Ecotone difference and first advantage is dimensional stability in craftsmanship and the highest performance acoustic treatment for available sound absorption.

Fixing Details :

Fabric Shades:

Fabric Shades
Texture Shades:

FAQs| Mineral Fiber Acoustic Panel

How long do fiberglass and mineral fiber panels last?

A. With proper maintenance and care, fiberglass and mineral fiber panels can last for many years. However, their lifespan may vary depending on factors such as environmental conditions and the quality of installation.

Can fiberglass and mineral fiber panels be used in conjunction with other acoustic treatments?

A. Yes, fiberglass and mineral fiber panels can be combined with other acoustic treatments, such as diffusers and bass traps, to achieve comprehensive sound control and optimize acoustic performance.

Do fiberglass and mineral fiber panels require professional installation?

A. While professional installation is recommended for optimal results, fiberglass, and mineral fiber panels can be installed by skilled individuals familiar with the installation process and safety guidelines.

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These panels are not only functional but also visually appealing. The design and texture of the panels add a touch of elegance to my office. They blend well with the existing decor and do not look out of place. The range of color options available allowed me to select a shade that perfectly matched my interior design.

Ashwika Bhattacharya

In terms of acoustic performance, these panels have made a noticeable difference. They effectively absorb sound reflections, making the room much more pleasant for conversations and media consumption. The echo and reverberations have been significantly reduced, resulting in a more comfortable and enjoyable living space.

Arnav Patel

I appreciate the fact that these panels are made from fiberglass mineral, as it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Knowing that I have chosen an eco-conscious option gives me peace of mind.

Sanya Verma


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