Ecotone Acoustic Print Panels

Ecotone Acoustic Print Panels add a design edge to your overall space. Our in-house printing facility can produce printed panels with any design that you wish. Print Panels offer a unique blend of aesthetics as well as functionality. The decorative element using pictures of your choice helps you build a theme or aura besides keeping conversations private.

  1. Sound Absorption: Products tested by ARAI
  2. NRC value: Up to 0.9 NRC
  3. Composition: 100% Recycled PET
  4. Panel Dimensions: 2440 mm * 1220 mm
  5. Thickness: 10mm
Customization Any pattern/photo can be printed as per your design Flammability EN-13501 Class B as tested by SGS

Ecotone Acoustic Laser Cut Wall Panels

Ecotone Acoustic Laser-cut Panels can define any design with ease and sophistication. It adds up to the aesthetic value of the overall interiors along with reducing reverberated noise from the surrounding.