Customized Acoustic Solutions

With years of experience into Acoustic domain & own factory set-up intact with modern machinery Ecotone Systems Pvt. Ltd., offers a wide range of customized quality acoustical product and solutions for all environments.
Ecotone brings space to life with your own personal touch! We make acoustic products with a wide range of material to meet architectural design and appearance.

We create acoustic panels and tiles as per your required designs in your custom fabric wrapping, acoustic color coating, size, used raw material. adding a special touch to any room and making your area come alive with the fully customization acoustic product.

With Customized product and solutions we also offer installation services of our acoustic products with Ecotone’s mounting hardware and adhesive products. These materials help in securing your acoustics safely to your walls, ceilings, and floors.

Ecotone’s signature handcrafted acoustical wall treatments further add life to your room acoustics. Our Specialty Lies in: Room Acoustic, Auditorium Acoustic, Marriage Hall Acoustic, Convention Center Acoustic, Industrial Acoustic, Studio Rooms, Restaurants, and Marriage Halls.