Composite Acoustic Panels

Composite Acoustic Panels 

Ecotone Systems (Groovphonic™) Grooved Composite Acoustic Panels, made of acoustic polyester fiber pad pasted on perforated wooden panels by rubber based adhesive for rigid fixation. Total thickness of the Acoustic panel will be 25 mm and having Groove Size 3.2mm at an interval of 28/62 mm c/c as per acoustic design/Architects approval. All joints of Polyester fiber acoustic panel should have dowel connection to avoid any sagging /unevenness. The Composite acoustic panels to be backed with black acoustic fleece. Composite Acoustic Panels should be fixed on GI ‘Z’ clamp made out of 1 mm thick GI sheet of size 30 mm x 30 mm collar and  50 mm high to match with the installed GI frame. The ‘U’ channel grid of size – 50 x 32mm thick made out of GI sheet, 0.5 mm thick, ISI mark. The grid size will be – 600 x 900mm fixed to wall using all screws of Stainless steel. Cavity of grid shall be filled with Tissue fiber paper laminated Rockwool density 60 kg/cum confirming to IS 8183, UL Certified to achieve NRC Value up to 0.86. The Grooved Composite Panel of size 600 x 600×600/1200/2400 mm with a perforated pattern on its back hole dia 08/10 mm or as per acoustic design / Architects approval for better absorption. The Grooved Composite Panel to be chemically treated for fire retardancy. The Panels color Pattern shall be as per Consultant / Architect’s design. The edges of the Composite Panel can be tapered cut by special purpose machine to produce a ‘V’ joint at all four ends as per choice. All makes and models of all items/samples should be approved by the engineer-in-charge / consultant prior to the installation.

Technical Parameters

Core Variants – Polyester Fiber & MDF Board

25mm in Thickness with Groove Size 3.2mm at an interval of 28/62 mm c/c

Polyester Fiber Board Density 210kg/m3

MDF Board Density 700kg/m3

Noise absorption of 0.86 NRC

Fire Resistant – Class 1

Light reflectance – Colour dependent