Ceiling Acoustics Treatments

At Ecotone, We Offer Complete Ceiling Acoustic Treatment and Solutions for Noise Control/Sound Absorption Requirements. Our Product Line Includes Ceiling Acoustics Panels, Hanging Ceiling Panels, Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Wall Panels, Sound Baffle/Clouds. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Baffles, Drop Ceiling Tiles, Sound Absorbing Panels, Suspended Ceiling, Foam Ceiling Tiles, Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, Sound Dampening Panels, Wood Ceiling Tiles, Commercial Ceiling Tiles

Our world-class manufacturing facility at Noida, India allow us to process High-Quality Sound Absorbing/ Acoustic products with a wide range of raw material, finish, feel and look options. Our team of experts helps in the installation of these products at complex construction sites and structures for best attractive look and acoustic solutions. With our expertise & solutions, we help in converting high noise traffic spaces or multipurpose spaces into more silent, peaceful and work oriented places.

Our Product Range Include a wide range of acoustic ceiling tiles, baffles, acoustic baffles, ceiling clouds, and other acoustical materials to control sound in buildings.

Main Installation Area: Class Room, Gymnasium, Theater, Swimming Pool, Mall, Conference Room, Meeting Room, Office, Auditorium and Stadium.

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