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auditorium curtains

By fulfilling the complete  trending demands of users in the commercial sector, Ecotone Acoustics is  introducing a comprehensive arrangement of Motorized auditorium curtains Systems. They are operate smoothly in a disciplined manner. These systems can be  used in auditoriums, theaters, educational institutions and other related commercial places for providing a great experience to the viewers.

Stage Works takes the concept of stage curtainsauditorium curtains to the next level by introducing a remotely controlled curtain with a winch suspension system and multi-layered design. We excel in designing and installing motorized and manual stage curtains for any type of stage. The fabric used in the construction of the stage curtainsauditorium curtains is specially designed for durability and for an attractive appearance. We design winch suspension systems for stage curtains or auditorium curtains in the form of wells. Our platform auditorium curtains services are cost efficient and attractive.

Multi layered auditorium curtains give a great flexibility to the use of stage curtainsauditorium curtains for many events and purposes. Motorized curtains are controlled by a single push of the button. The auditorium curtains are installed according to the aesthetics of the hall / auditorium to match the interior design. Powerful high quality motors and durable steel structure are used to move and hold the curtains. We work with the leading auditorium curtains makers in the country to provide you only the very best.

These auditorium/stage curtains can be easily operated by single person and require less maintenance. The Motorized Curtain Systems offer a long life and  can be installed without any difficulty with less time frame.

Ecotone Acoustics is taking concept of stage curtains or auditorium curtains to the next level by introducing remotely controlled auditorium curtains which are fully motorized and with  suspension system. They come in multi layered design. We have expertise in designing and installing motorized and manual stage curtains or auditorium curtains for any kind of stage/auditoriums. The cloth material which we use in the making of stage curtain is specially made for durability and for providing aesthetical look to the auditorium. We design Suspension system for the Stage Curtains. Our stage curtains or auditorium curtains  are very cost efficient. attractive and can be control easily by one person.

Multi Layered curtains by ecotone acoustics gives a good flexibility to the use of Stage Curtains for multiple  purposes. Our fully motorized auditorium curtains can be control by remote or by a single push of the button. These curtains can be installed in accordance with aesthetics of the Hall/Auditorium to match the interior design. The main part of our curtain system is its powerful high quality motors and durable steel structure which is used to move and hold the curtain. We work along side the leading Curtain Manufacturers in the country to provide you only the very best and cost effective results.


auditorium lighting is one of the most important of all construction systems, and we offer various range of c & Stage Lighting. We have a wide range of lights to suits every requirement of auditorium lighting and which also provides a aesthetical look to a room. We are the stage lighting manufacturers or auditorium lighting manufactureres in India and wholesalers.


Stage lighting or auditorium lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theater, dance, opera, and other performing arts. Many different types of stage lighting  or auditorium lighting devices are used in this discipline. In addition to basic lighting, modern stage lighting can also include special effects, such as lasers and fog machines.

Stage Works provides multipurpose stage lighting design and installation. The lighting used is of high speed and quality as well as pre-fabricated wiring and electrical setup. Lighting can be set up for theaters, concerts, events, shows, presentations and more. The stage lighting is setup with an easy to use control unit, which enables the production of multiple on stage live visual effects. Multi-colored lighting solution with aluminum truss rod design to support heavy lighting and impact processors. Truss rods are designed in such a way that they compliment the work space.

If you are primarily looking for the latest stage light designs, At Ecotone Systems you will find all the options that you would have ever imagined. Be sure to consider all the options that  you can consider as  stage lighting and stage equipment. Although taking light products. Choose us to find the best selection of stage lighting  at cost effective rate in Indian market. With a wide range of lighting products and lighting solutions, we are here to make your sourcing experience easier.

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