Auditorium Acoustic Treatment | Soundproofing in Auditorium

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Auditorium Acoustic Treatment in Mumbai
500 Seats
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2000 Seats Auditorium
Location : Gandhi Dham,Betteah,Bihar.
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1500 Seats Auditorium
Location- Banglore
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Ecotone – Provide Auditorium Acoustics Treatment, Soundproofing in Auditorium & Auditorium Acoustical Treatment, acoustic wall panels for auditorium , acoustic ceiling tiles for making the auditorium free from unwanted reverberation.

We “Ecotone Systems” provides Soundproofing & Acoustics for Auditoriums. We are manufacture &  provider Auditorium Acoustic Treatment and Soundproofing in Auditorium all over India. It feels really ecstatic when one site in an auditorium and watches the favorite play or a music concert but is not at all able to listen to the lyrics properly due to the problem in the dissemination of the sound in the Auditorium Acoustic Treatment as the separation of the sound is not properly maintained. It is really frustrating and can be harmful for the long run of your auditorium.

With the effective use of acoustical consulting services in a better way we help you to provide proper design that we will make your auditorium the best one in terms of acoustic management. Through the auditorium acoustic treatment & Soundproofing in Auditorium services, we help in making the auditoriums look beautiful with proper sound management. How bad it can look that people spend hundreds of hours in the rehearsals for their musical concerts and plays but when the actual time comes due to the bad impact of the sound the flawless performance becomes the pathetic ones. However, with Ecotone you will no longer have to face problems. It has been observed that a lot of times due to the use of inferior acoustics a lot of people who buy ticket in the auditorium feel disappointed and disgusted to the manner they are not fully able to listen or hear clearly. Their experience can be really disappointing and diminished. It is really necessary to have a proper Auditorium Acoustic Treatment; one is able to get the proper amount of feel.

For the Auditorium Acoustic Treatment, it is very necessary to have the multipurpose functions of the acoustics such that in the auditorium all the public gatherings can be taken care in an equal manner. Our acoustical engineers work hand in hand with the acoustic engineers in a manner such that each and every technicality can be taken care in a proper manner. We help in designing spaces with the optimal amount of acoustical performance. With the use of hesitated available technology, our aim to prevent the reverberation with the acoustical materials.

Each our auditorium acoustic treatment or Soundproofing in Auditorium is carried out with the proper use of technology and improved amount of predictive modelling. With the alternative remedies, we help in evaluating the acoustical needs and requirements in a much more proper manner. We offer proper analysis and share recommendations with the proper auditorium technical systems design. With the right implementation of strategies and constructive plans, we help in leading the proper plan. For all kinds of technical aspects and treatments, our industry specific products ensure you with the better quality of exposure in the industry. Our wall panels in lieu with the auditorium acoustics treatment or Soundproofing in Auditorium offer marvelous results and look after the reduction of the unwanted reverberation and soundproof system of the auditorium.The auditorium, as a place for listening developed from the classical open-air theaters. An auditorium includes any room intended for :An auditorium includes any room intended for : – listening to music including theaters – churches – classrooms – meeting halls The design of various types of auditoriums has become a complex problem, because in addition to its various, sometimes conflicting, aesthetics, functional, technical, artistic and economical requirements, an auditorium often has to accommodate an unprecedentedly large audience.

Features of our Auditorium Acoustics Services

  • Low Ambient Noise
  • We help in making you get the best of the sound clarity so that you are able to get the perfect sound system.
  • Absorption Treatment is fully integrated such that the transmission can be done in the well-balanced manner with evenly distribution.
  • Echo Control

Ecotone Systems provide various acoustical products for wall and ceiling for echo control in auditorium, the acoustical products are – Auditorium Acoustic Treatmentacoustical hanging baffles, acoustical clouds, acoustical wall cladding, wooden acoustic panel, acoustic fabric panel, acoustic wall panel, ceiling acoustic panel etc

About Us

Ecotone Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of next-generation Acoustics products and provide customized acoustical solutions like auditoriums acoustic, classroom acoustics. We have wide range of acoustical products like ceiling acoustic panels, acoustic wall panels, hanging baffles/clouds, acoustic door, sliding partition for commercial places like Auditoriums, Gymnasium hall, Studio, Multi-purpose halls, Malls and Multiplexes.

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