Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Ecotone Systems – manufacturer of ceiling acoustic tiles, acoustical ceiling tiles, acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic wall tiles, sound absorbing ceiling tiles with excellent sound attenuation provide NRC is 0.95. fabric laminated in various colors, shape and size.

Ecotone manufacture acoustic ceiling tiles are fabric laminated & without fabric laminated multi color acoustic tiles. Echo Stop acoustic Ceiling Tiles offer excellent sound control performance by providing high sound absorption. These Ceiling tiles are Micro-perforated which provides high sound absorption properties. The lightweight base makes installation easy. acoustical Ceiling tiles are inherently resistant to the growth of mould and mildew, fire resistance, recommended for high-humidity areas.

Product Features

Our sound absorbing ceiling tiles are fabric laminated, available in multi color, Acoustic tiles also available without fabric. The thickness of tile is 15 mm and having high performance NRC 0.95


Acoustic Wall Tiles (25 mm) NRC is 0.95, which can effectively control and adjust the indoor reverberation time, reduce noise, the improve sound quality.

Environmental friendly

Ceiling Acoustic Tiles are Fungi and stains-resistance, recyclable, no radiation, does not contain any harmful substances. A new type of green building material without pollution to the surroundings.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving

Acoustic Soundproofing Ceiling tiles and Panels are good thermal insulation , effectively block the diffusion of cold and hot air indoor, reduces the external temperature on the impact of indoor temperature, balance the temperature difference, effectively save energy It has thermal conductivity TR≥ 0.39(m2. K/W),


Thickness Edge Fire Class Resistant Sizes Sound Absorption Density Climate (RH) Weight Light Reflection
20/25 mm Square Fire Resistance IS 11871 Class A Water resistance , Dust resistant 595×595 , 600 x 1200 Upto 0.95 40 Kg/m3 91 0.8 Kg/m2 85 %


Ecotone – Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Manufacturer and Acoustical Solutionshaving 3M self adhesive tape to fix on wall, the site installation is very easy also Tiles can be easily dismantled for services work & reinstall.

Uses / Application

Drop Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Panels and Ceiling Tiles Systems having high NRC value , widely used in Auditorium, Multiplexes, Home Theatre , Lecture Hall, Library, Gymnasium, Hospital, School, Shopping centre , Office building, , IT Sector, Airports, Recording Studio, Conference Hall, Lecturer Hall, , BPO’s, Offices etc.