Acoustic Wall Panels and Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Ecotone Acoustics- provide acoustic wall panels to reducing unwanted noise in interior environments can contribute to many desired effects: enhanced learning in classrooms, better productivity in offices, more intelligible speech in group and conference settings and less distractive noise in large open areas.

Ecotone acoustical panels provide the perfect blend of exceptional value, aesthetics and performance to meet all of these objectives. Created for compatibility with our complete line ecotone acoustics molding systems, our acoustic ceiling panels are the solution that delivers all the practicalities you need with the tailored elegance you expect from the leaders in commercial wall panel systems.

To absorb noise in your work area before it distracts you or your workers with the noise wave acoustic panel. Designed to create more sound-sheltered office space, you’ll love the extra decibels these panels absorb. Polyester fiber board takes over the job of “office shush-er” while simultaneously adding stimulating texture and color to blank walls.


  • Multiple color shape and size option available
  • Visually appealing design adds texture to blank walls
  • Install panels to create a quiet work area with aesthetics and performance
  • Reduces ambient noise via Polyester fiberboard
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.9
  • Multiple installation methods available, choose the one best one that works for you