Sound Absorbing Acoustical Material for SoundProofing and Noise Control Solutions for Room Acoustic Treatments 

Ecotone™ Systems” is a leading professional Acoustic Treatment & design services provider in India with acoustical expert consultant’s advice on lowest cost. Acoustic treatment is effective at dealing with 100-300Hz issues but becomes less effective below 100Hz. We recommend our Low Frequency Optimization service to deal with these low bass issues. Acoustic Treatment Services for noise control in Recording studios, Recording and mixing room acoustics and tuning Commercial space and residential, sound isolation of construction, Office and corporate acoustic improvement. Early reflections created by sound bouncing off the major boundaries in the room–side walls, ceiling, floor, front and back walls—can severely impact sound quality.

Having talked to hundreds of customers, we have seen this lot and heard first-hand:

  • Money and time wasted on the wrong acoustic treatments
  • Unresolved bass issues, due to lack of measurements and inexperience with effective optimization techniques
  • Overemphasis on acoustic treatment, and resulting failure to make simple positional changes to improve bass.


  • Plan and elevation CAD drawings showing acoustic treatment placement for walls and ceiling
  • Construction detail and prediction of function for custom-designed acoustic room treatment
  • Predictions showing treatment impact on early and late reflected sound fields


  • Maximized sound quality from your existing speakers and electronics.
  • Reduced listening fatigue.
  • Spacious and enveloping sound stage.
  • Precise & multi-channel effects steering.
  • Smooth, tight, articulate, and impact bass.
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