Acoustic Panel or Bass Trap Ceiling Mounting

It’s recommended to place acoustic panels on the ceiling to reduce floor-to-ceiling slap echo, height modes, SBIR and reflections.  For more on taming early reflection points.

 Methods for acoustic panel or bass trap ceiling mounting


Recommended Method: To obtain a perfect 4″ air gap, use the Ecotone Acoustics Wall Brackets.  These easy-to-use brackets mount in minutes to suspend your 242 Acoustic Panel, 244 Bass Trap or Monster Bass Trap from the ceiling.

Alternative Method #1: Use the wire provided (approx 26”) and cut it into 4 pieces. Attach one piece of wire onto each of the 4 eye hooks on the back of the panel. Then attach the other end of the wire to four equally-spaced hooks in the ceiling. Hooks not provided. Any hook rated for a hanging plant should work just fine.

Alternative Method #2: Use lightweight, non-heavy-duty chain such as hanging plant chain.  Attach the chain to the 4 eye hooks using S hooks.  Then attach the chain to the 4 hooks in the ceiling (same as Method #1).  This allows you to count the links to let the panel hang more level and parallel to the floor.  Another option is to run the chain across the 2′ dimension, necessitating only 2 hooks in the ceiling