Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels | Sound absorbing ceiling panels

Ecotone Systems manufacture Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels, Acoustic Ceiling PanelsAcoustic Sound Panels.  this is an innovative method of absorbing reverberant & noise in rooms without the visual appearance of just another one of those suspended ceilings. The stunning visual effect of acoustic clouds on the roof space leaves the living or visitor with a temperament and forward-thinking from the designer of the room or hall.

We provide you with acoustic ceilings, sound absorption, acoustic ceiling panels, a perforated wood panel with an artistic, specialized designing staff fully incorporated interior design center.

Ecotone system helps you improve your business situation by using wall acoustic ceiling panels and sound-absorbing panels with a vision for professional designing projects that help to absorb the buzz and noise and make it fit for your space. Can also improve a pleasant view.
We also provide soundproofing panels and soundproof ceiling tiles, which are important for a weak commercial space.

High-performance drops can reduce ceiling noise by up to 55% while exceptional performers can reduce noise by up to 70%. The ceiling tile with a high NRC and CAC means that the film playing in the basement will look crisp and clear but will not reach the light sleeper on the floor above.

We already know what you’re thinking: “But they’re not as pretty …” Very good news: You don’t have to sacrifice your design sense. There are many options available, including textured surfaces that look like traditional and rough plaster, tiles with a smooth surface, or even black if you really feel up.

Acoustic drop ceiling tiles & acoustic ceiling panels are the perfect solution when both noise reduction and style are required.

At Ecotone System, we are one of the most efficient office goods consultants and providers in India.

We provide you a soundproof wall panel with a noise reduction panel, which reduces noise and echoes. We give your corporate world a special corporate presence with soundproof roof tiles and sound-absorbing panels for the office to absorb sound and create a muted atmosphere in your offices.

We provide you with a pin-drop silence environment with studio soundproofing products.

We provide you everything you need for commercial, industrial, educational, studio, theaters, auditorium, and other residential applications.

We provide you with a pin-drop silence environment with studio soundproofing products. We provide you everything you need for commercial, industrial, educational, studio, theaters, auditorium, and other residential applications.

We also offer soundproof wall panels which are polyester soundboards with the homogeneous property including porous surfaces; To provide you with soundproofing services that absorb echo, reduce noise, hear buzzing sounds within the space and restore premium sound quality to a room.

They are class-A fire-rated, easy, sturdy, custom cut in any size, easy to install.

Acoustic ceiling panels are as barrier and helps to control  the traveling of sound to one room to another rooms. It also helps in reduction of  noise level within a room and make a room free of echoes and bothersome noise. Acoustic ceiling Panels remove and diffuse sounds, Sound Absorbing Ceiling Panels help create a more pleasant environment within the room.

 When acoustic ceiling panels are attached directly to a ceiling or used as a drop ceiling and sound-absorbing drop ceiling panels, they provide effective noise control in the area. We manufacture them in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and designs. They are an easy solution for improving any space’s acoustical qualities.

 These sound-absorbing ceiling panels are helpful in managing the noise level in large or small areas to maintain noise level . They are made  from various materials and features in a way that will meet each customer’s requirements. In case  you need high-performance acoustic ceiling panels that provide blocking, absorption, and diffusion of sound. In that case, Acoustic ceiling Panels are perfect option to go for, with all these qualities together in one unit. They are also used high-end decorative applications that require the noise control with visual beauty and decorative ceiling., then metal ceiling panels/fiberglass ceiling panels/mineral fiber glass ceiling panels should be considered. No matter what your requirements are, we will match you with the ideal solution.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels are suspended by the help of steel wires from the soft through special spiral hooks, which are fitted in the rear of the acoustic ceiling panels. Also, this means that non-specialist fitters can be used to complete the installation. Our expert team members also provide with the best finish to the ceiling.
The depth of the suspended ceiling tiles is adjusted by adjusting the length of the steel suspension wire. This also allows the sound-absorbing ceiling panels to be installed at sloping angles if required, again adding to the visual design possibilities.

The spiral hook should be placed between 200 mm to 300 mm from the edge of the Ecotone system panel. For ceiling panel installations, we recommend the largest panels not to exceed 700 mm x 700 mm. Wall panel systems wrapped with Ecotone Systems fabric will come with spiral springs, 2M cables, and eyelet hooks.

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This version of Ecotone Systems has an arctic white speckled painted finish on all six sides, giving a crisp, visually attractive appearance. Soundproofing and sound absorption panels are typically fitted to individual stand-alone wall panels as a design feature, with the distance between adjacent panels to suit customer needs. The perimeter of the acoustic ceiling panel is square edged. 

Acoustic Ceiling Panels
Acoustic Ceiling Panels