Sliding Partition


Movable walls / Sliding Partitions are a form of temporary walls which serve to divide rooms in place of permanent walls. The sliding panels can be joined together one by one to make wall. Portable walls on casters for rolling and work as room dividers .

Movable wall partition has interlocking panels suspended from an overhead track. No floor track / support required . also having retractable locking mechanism, when extended they utilize seals at the floor, wall, and ceiling to provide acoustical separation. When retracted they stack against a wall, ceiling, closet, or ceiling pocket . They are different than traditional office cubicles in that portable walls often serve a temporary function rather than a permanent workspace, such as use for Conference room , banquet halls , art exhibits, Auditoriums , seminar halls.

Movable walls may be stacked according to space available at site , centre stacking / side stacking are the common stacking method depending upon mobility and ease of storage. The Movable wall partition has two full panel end members which provide support, rigidity, privacy and noise reduction from one side to other side.

Movable wall partition are available in various finishes i.e. laminate , Fabric, Veneer , paint , wall paper etc. as per choice of client / Architect