“ECOTONE™ Echo Stop” Acoustic Tiles

“ECOTONE™ Echo Stop” wall panels are fabric laminated acoustical wall panels that provide excellent sound and noise control where it’s needed the most.

Intentionally engineered to offer pleasing design along with unmatched acoustic benefits, with uncompromising aesthetics. The wall panels provide exceptional acoustic performance NRC up to 0.90 tested for normal incidence sound absorption coefficient as per ASTM E 1050 / ISO 10534-2
These tiles are lightweight and can be fix directly on walls, easy to integrate with existing design plans. The wall panels are Impact resistant and rigid; the panels are designed to resist reactivity to seasonal changes in temperature or humidity, making them ideal for use in any interior space.

Acoustic ceiling tiles
Acoustic wall tiles
Acoustic tiles panels
Acoustic wall tiles
“ECOTONE™ Echo Stop” wall panels are available in different size and colors to match with interior OR in different color shades to make wall multi color patterns and intended to pair seamlessly with your existing or planned designs.

These panels are an efficient, durable, cost –effective solution for reducing excessive reverberation in large spaces.


  • Fiber Free
  • Original Sculptured Absorber
  • High Acoustical Performance
  • Fire Retardant

Custom size and fabric colors are also available, variety of design options that we offer so we can begin designing pieces to fit your specific needs.

ECOTONE ™ Acoustic wall Panel Thickness (25 & 50 mm ) Available NRC 0.65 to 0.90 NRC, which can effectively control and adjust the indoor reverberation time, reduce noise, the improve sound quality.

Environmental friendly
ECOTONE ™ Echo Stop wall panels are Fungi and stains-resistance, recyclable, no radiation, does not contain any harmful substances. a new type of green building material without pollution to the surroundings.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving
ECOTONE ™ Echo Stop wall panels are good thermal insulation , effectively block the diffusion of cold and hot air indoor, reduces the external temperature on the impact of indoor temperature, balance the temperature difference, effectively save energy It has thermal conductivity TR ≥ 0.39(m2. K/W),

Panel Thickness 25 & 50 mm
Edge Square
Fire Class Fire resistance fabric as per IS 11871 method ‘A’
Sizes 600 x 600 , 600 x 1200 OR Customized
Sound Absorption Upto 0.90
Density 40 Kg/m3
Climate (RH) 91
Weight 0.8 Kg/m2
Light Reflection 85 %
Color 50 colors available as per design / choice
Design As per as per architects / client choice
ECOTONE ™ Echo Stop wall panels having 3M self adhesive tape to fix on wall , the site installation is very easy also Tiles can be easily dismantled for services work & reinstall.

Uses / Application
ECOTONE ™ Echo Stop ceiling panels having high NRC value , widely used in Auditorium, Multiplexes, Home Theatre , Lecture Hall, Library, Gymnasium, Hospital, School, Shopping centre , Office building, , IT Sector, Airports, Recording Studio, Conference Hall, Lecturer Hall, , BPO’s, Offices etc.

Acoustic Tiles